Insights into the Benefits of Kegel Exercises You May Not Know

//Insights into the Benefits of Kegel Exercises You May Not Know

Insights into the Benefits of Kegel Exercises You May Not Know

Flexing muscles, getting fit and resistance training is healthy, beneficial and even sexy……especially if you are working on your pelvic floor muscles. Training and toning with Kegels (pelvic floor exercises or PFEs) and devicescreated for that purpose, may translate into more intense orgasm and less back or leg pain.  Here’s why.

In researching orgasm, muscle tone is repeatedly sighted as playing an important role and in being central to both male and female sexual health. If you close your eyes and relive your last delightful climax, you may recall the sensation of involuntary muscle contraction and relaxation during orgasm and resolution. We can also voluntarily contract them, which is pleasurable during sex for both partners. “It stands to reason that the stronger your pelvic muscles are – the better orgasm.” says our Pelvic PT expert *Karen Liberi.  Also, having orgasms is a pelvic work out, so if you are able, have lots of those too!

In an effort to be perfectly transparent and not give the impression that Kegels lead to stratospheric orgasm, there are studies that debunk and support it as an orgasm influencer.  Quite honestly, none of them are comprehensive or well done.  We do know however, that muscular strength and flexibility with any body part through exercise improves quality of life, so get your Kegels on! (that is if you have not pelvic pain)

Building and maintaining pelvic floor strength has the added benefit of shoring up the stability of our musculoskeletal health, specifically the spine and lower back. Just picture it, the spine feeds directly into the pelvis. Therefore, having a weak pelvic structure can force the back to pick-up the slack of a weakened supportive base.

This can result in back, leg and knee pain.  Sounds like another great reason to do Kegels.

Next time we will look at when not and how not do Kegels or PFE’s. See last week’s blog on how to do PFE’s correctly.

Please leave comments and questions below so we can get you the right answers.

*Karen Liberi MS, MPT, WCS. Karen is one of only 300 physical therapists in the US with the designation of Women’s Health Clinical Specialists. She is a compassionate physical therapist who helps women with bladder and bowel concerns, pelvic pain, abdominal pain and sexual dysfunction.  She and her team are known to successfully help people who have tried everything and almost given up.

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