Biohack Your Way to Your Best Self in 2018 & Beyond.

//Biohack Your Way to Your Best Self in 2018 & Beyond.

Biohack Your Way to Your Best Self in 2018 & Beyond.

Who wants to be the best possible version of themselves this year? Let’s talk biohacking.

Biohacking your body is a fun, effective and challenging way to live up to many New Year’s resolutions.  Or, if you are a non-resolution maker, but have self-care maintenance and improvement goals, then biohacking may be for you! 

What is Biohacking and what are the benefits? 

Biohacking is a deep diving holistic approach to clean living by asserting control over things we can to the degree that we can. For example, switching from tap water to as clean as available. The biohacker lifestyle offers positive and restorative effects on our minds, bodies and souls.  Biohacking means optimizing your environment’s purity, the quality of sleep you get and music that stimulates the brain. It means being vigilant about the quality of foods you eat, having a healthy gut microbiome and taking recommended supplements. It encourages meditation and yoga to calm the chatter riddled mind and move the body. It’s is also a touch 5th Element, encouraging our connection to the earth, sun and water with rewilding.

Oversimplified, the result of biohacking is a stronger, more energized, focused, efficient mind and body that experiences less pain, disease, and anxiety.

What we put onto or into (non-nutrition) our bodies is something I have found to be critically missing from biohacking.  Poor quality ingredients in our skin care, hair care, beauty lotions and potions can be absorbed into our bodies with potential ill effects.  Have you ever noticed how thin and weak your nails get when maintaining a perfect mani/pedi?  At SHE Intimate Fitness™, I am personally involved in the ingredient selection of our 4 skin care products (2 in re-production) especially since they are used on such important skin. They are formulated specifically to support and nurture mucous membranes at the correct pH.  My biohacking journey has made high-quality ingredients that complement your body and mine an imperative for what I create for us. 

Some women allergic to copper had hysterectomies because of a copper IUD. We often and even prefer to pop a pill as a problem solver instead of attempting more organic measures.  A glaring example is an Opioid epidemic that is the number one killer of people in America. I certainly recommend appropriate medication and encourage physician consultation, but it behooves us to be hyper-aware of what we are putting onto and into our bodies despite it may be is easier, has great marketing or someone we trust told us to. 

Back to Biohacking, these two articles, provide different takes on biohacking.  It can be fun to slowly layer on some new healthy activities and observe and log the results.  The beauty is, since it is your body about which you have choices, you can be extreme or take baby biohacking steps one aspect at a time.


Best wishes for a happy, healthy, abundant 2018! 


Founder SHE Intimate Fitness™

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