8 Tips to Keep you Craving Each Other V-Day and Beyond – Part 1

//8 Tips to Keep you Craving Each Other V-Day and Beyond – Part 1

8 Tips to Keep you Craving Each Other V-Day and Beyond – Part 1

Do you have a secret sexual thrill with a lover that is so fantastic, so intimate and perhaps a little edgy that only the two of you share?

A lot is wrapped up in sex and it is why great sex is important to a marriage or long-term relationship. Higher plane sex offers us the opportunity to deeply connect with a special partner or spouse.  It nurtures and deepens trust, allows us to be vulnerable and fully present with someone and builds self-awareness.  When done safely and with respect, a couple’s sex life broadens communication and creates bonds that are like spun gold linking the two.  A nice upside is it is stress relieving, increases longevity, raises self-confidence and boosts the bright light of happiness over relationships.  So yes, sex is a very important and integral part of a happy, healthy and vital relationship.

Don’t let long-term commitment be the assassin of passion. These playful and serious suggestions can keep things heated and you regularly Jonesing for your mate.

  • Sex 101: What, you never took this course in High School or College? No one did!  Though sex, intimacy and physical connection are so important to a happy, healthy lifestyle, we have all been left to trial and error, instincts and sadly, porn to navigate very emotional and ego filled waters.  How about seeing a sex counselor with your lover for at least 5 sessions just for kicks. You never know what will be revealed and learned with an educator in the room.  It may help you shed some inhibitions, gain permissions and highlight some likes or dislikes you were too bashful to voice.  Don’t wait for the downturn, make an appointment while things are still hot!
  • Alone/Down time: Help your partner have some quiet “me” time so that they are more open sex play.  Get the HoneyDos done without urging or draw your partner a bath.  Light a few candles and pick up a few of her household chores so sensual initiation later is met with enthusiasm not rolling eyes.


  • Make it OTT: Some things are worth overdoing. Diverge wildly from the dinner and a movie date.…..bust out with an unexpected Over The Top, well planned and executed evening, weekend or vacation.  Crank it up a notch so that he/she knows they are loved, cherished or respected, that you are still feeling it and how important they are to you.  Do some research,(YourTango.com) or ask friends what has worked for them in the past.
  • Don’t keep them wondering: Tell your lover you are planning now for Valentine’s Day and actually execute! This will build anticipation and relieve your lover from predicting disappointment from you.  Ladies, if your partner is a man, studies show that regular affirmations, specifically coming from YOU, does wonders to keep him feeling confident and more secure in all aspects his life as well continuing to adore you!

Keep an eye here for 4 more post-Valentine’s tips to keep the passion rolling. Go for rapture not rupture.

Author Nina Helms owner of SHE Intimate Fitness skin care system combined with 21 years of yoga experience coalesces to allow her to offer a deep understanding of sensuality, self-awareness, sexual health and Intimate Fitness™. “I encourage people through our products and education to celebrate and embrace their sexuality in a healthy, playful, yet responsible and educated fashion.  I work to demystify and make approachable intimate awareness and the pursuit of pleasure as normal, healthy and a birth right with so many personal and relational benefits.  Intimate Fitness™ is a mind, body, soul lifestyle choice. It encompasses maintaining a healthy, open and mindful approach to sex, caring for our intimate body with products like S+HE, holistic self-care and soulfully, energetically connecting with our lovers and sensual self.

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