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About SHE Intimate Fitness™

SHE Intimate Fitness™ is the first skin care system to support your intimate health and well-being. SHE Intimate Fitness™ works with the body’s natural chemistry to comfort, calm, restore and re-balance so skin is protected, moisturized and fortified. Holistically formulated – nourishing organic and natural ingredients are partnered with proven science to protect or accelerate the repair of sensitive skin. Don’t trust your skin to off-the-shelf products. Enhance your confidence, comfort, allure and wellbeing with SHE’s skin care system designed for superior Intimate Fitness™.

Who makes SHE Intimate Fitness™?

Nina C. Helms is the creator and CEO of S+HE Intimate Fitness™ and DevineToys, two lifestyle and wellness companies designed to enhance women’s comfort, confidence and quality of life. As a counselor, educator and presenter, Nina has shared her expertise on intimate health, sexual wellness and feminine self-care topics for the past decade, as well as has introduced a skin care system of products to the sexual health and women’s wellness markets in America. She is on a mission to galvanize women to take personal action through raising awareness of women’s intimate and pelvic health issues.

Through dissatisfying and discouraging experiences discussing her own intimate health challenges with her OBGYN, Nina saw the need for a paradigm shift to remove the stigma and shame associated with ´´female issues.´´ She found herself creating a blueprint for honoring feminine self-care through wellness practices, education and skin care products.

Propelled by the fact that nearly 50% of women suffer from a variety of intimate and pelivc health issues, Helms launched S+HE Intimate Fitness™, the first pH correct intimate skin care system in the US designed to support and maintain the special intimate self-care needs of women. www.sheintimatefitness.com

Through her products, education and team of physician and sex therapist consultants, Helms is influencing women to practice positive intimate health and wellness. Nina has practiced and taught various yoga disciplines since 1994 and is devoted to mindfulness, self-awareness and rich quality of life.