Essentials to Tease and Attract with 100% Confidence this Holiday Season

//Essentials to Tease and Attract with 100% Confidence this Holiday Season

Essentials to Tease and Attract with 100% Confidence this Holiday Season

Mistletoe, New Year’s Eve, Holiday parties……there is tons of kissing in our immediate future. Let’s get ready for it with sumptuous, kissable lips and a fresh alluring mouth! Keeping these up to par is definitely part of Intimate Fitness.  Here are some essential products the pros and I recommend:


  • Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream – this “cult classic” been a must have since the early 80’s for me. Heals, soothes, softens lips and fights chapping! It stays on all night and is a great prep for laying down lip liner and lip color. Definitely use it to counter the effects of those long-lasting lip stains/colors that suck lips dry. It is miraculous!
  • Liquid Gold by Mary Schook – beauty goddess and skin care pioneer developed a line of facial care called Liquid Gold. Her vitamin E packed Element Balm is the bomb for soft lips and fixing dry patches.  It is even effective in the dry mountains air. So in demand, it is currently unavailable, but keep checking back because Mary formulates exceptional, age defying products and treatments. j
  • Dr. Tungs’ Smart Floss – they claim it removes more plaque because it hits more surface area for superior cleaning. The unique cardamom flavor is pretty cool. So if you have some big spaces that easily traps food in, this is tooth magic for you!
  • Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder – It seems crazy, but this black powder is yielding great results for getting those pearlies whiter! It is recommended you use a soft brush. Brush normally with paste after and please report back your results. Check that your Dentist is cool with this for you.
  • Tongue Scraper – a tongue scraper is more effective at tackling bad breath than tongue brushing. Dr. Tung has one and there are metal and plastic available too. You can even use a spoon edge in a pinch. Be mindful of your gag reflex and be gentle when scraping. This hygiene practice is a great one if you are locking lips this holiday season. And it will be appreciated by your friends and colleagues too!


So kiss or converse with a lover, partner, child or new friend to spread intense cheer with huge confidence that your mouth is a welcome source engagement and perhaps excitement!  Share this blog and amazing kissing video that will have you laughing out loud.

Image: @Maccosmetics

Please do kiss and tell in comments below what worked for you!

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