The Secret Sexy Side of 4 Self-Esteem & Confidence Boosting Practices

//The Secret Sexy Side of 4 Self-Esteem & Confidence Boosting Practices

The Secret Sexy Side of 4 Self-Esteem & Confidence Boosting Practices

Life feels pretty sensational when our self-esteem and confidence levels are high.

We tend to get a lot accomplished, little bothers us and the behavior of others doesn’t shake our foundation. Strong confidence is also excessively sexy and alluring; just ask the partner of anyone who has it in spades. We know self-esteem is a predictor of levels of success in areas of life such as career, relationships and health, but it also influences sexual health and libido.  If your self-love fluctuates, these 4 practices can help to increase the peak days and boost passion.

  1. Asana Yoga Practice: Want to go to new heights sexually? Asana (pose) yoga is what we do the mat that helps us learn learn how to move our body with confidence in response to a partner. We become more sensitive to cues and can better use it to give and receive pleasure when we feel great about how our body looks and feels. Increased body awareness can open us to experimentation, exploration and novelty, all sexually healthy behaviors. Many yoga poses are designed to challenge us to be calm under pressure and to use our breath to surmount fatigue and remain present. Being present in our bodies and repeatedly moving them into poses builds both body awareness and mindfulness. Specific poses? Nah, just practice!
  2. Meditation: Meditation is ultimately about being present. Think about the best sex you ever had. You were probably on a higher plane, fully present with a lover and there was no self-deprecating head chatter or second guessing.  Having a strong meditation practice enhances self-awareness so we can curb or stop damaging self-talk, catch ourselves going down ugly rabbit holes and treat ourselves with more self-respect and compassion. This translates to healthy and higher self-esteem.

  3. Healthy Eating Habits: #1 above has a fantastic added benefit of organically improving our eating habits. Better food choices impacts skin quality, energy levels, improved digestion and how you feel in your skin.  It may also improve or cure some health issues may have a negative impact on body and self-image.  Eating clean helps us be more radiant, alluring and sexually health.
  4. Screening & Prevention: No one feels hot when you don’t feel too hot. Screening is self-love and demonstrates love to your loved ones. It is important that we practice disease prevention by taking available medical screening seriously: well woman, prostate, colonoscopy, annual exam etc. are so important to maintaining vitality and self-confidence.  No surprise that Illness and medications can punch down libido for you and your partner.

If you have a practice that keeps your self-esteem elevated please share it with us.

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