Personal Gifts for Trending Lifestyle Shifts Part 1 – Gifts of Health and Wellness

//Personal Gifts for Trending Lifestyle Shifts Part 1 – Gifts of Health and Wellness

Personal Gifts for Trending Lifestyle Shifts Part 1 – Gifts of Health and Wellness

We can support our friends and family who are in pursuit of self-awareness, greater consciousness and improved healthy lifestyles with original, truly serving gifts. The 5 below are varied cost, high value products* that I LOVE, and fully embrace in my life. Serve them up as stocking stuffers or under the tree bounty. Some of these gifts are quite personal, so target them to people with whom you are close or intimate.

  1. 3-5 Day Cleanse – There are wonderful 3 and 5+ day juice and soup cleanses on the market you can gift to someone whom you know has a weight loss or “get healthy” NY resolution . Try JUS by Julie (Bonus: Groupon has a 54% discount offer) or a soup cleanse if the person on your list is more savory in nature: This Goop article will guide you to some tried and true ones.
  2. pH Balanced Intimate Cleanser – taking care of our intimate skin with high quality products is just as important to our health as the food we eat, exercising, stress management etc. Give a female friend SHE Intimate Fitness™ Natural Cleansing Foam and AfterGlow to support her personal self-care. You may also be helping her relationship! (Bonus: discounted through Dec 15th code: Cheer)
  3. Uberlube – Uberlube is a multi-tasking, premium silicone lubricant that is a home run gift for the athletes, lovers and curly haired folks in your life. It reduces chaffing, fights the frizzy’s and heightens pleasure for him and her.  The beautiful bottle is the peak of discretion. This will be a gift your adult tribe will be truly grateful for.
  4. Healthy Mouth Trio – This mouth loving trio will make your loved one, their dentist and lover very happy! Dr. Tung’s floss promises to get more plaque off teeth, and is my new favorite daily use item. Dr. Tung’s (or other brand) tongue scraper is an effective way to clean the tongue, which is largely responsible for bad breath.  Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder is super effective for teeth whitening and much less expensive than doing it with a dentist or even Crest white strips.
  5. Hyperice Vyper – this is a pricy one, but worth every penny! It was developed by professional athletes and is a foam roller on steroids, guaranteed to make muscle aches and pains dissolve and heal faster with myofascial release. It has a 3 settings motor that will blow your mind and lactic acid buildup.

Part 2 will cover eco-friendy items we can gift to give Mother Nature a helping hand. Happy, Healthy, Abundant Holidays everyone!

*I do not receive any comp for recommending these products except for 1 that I manufacture. I use them all with healthy pleasure and will be gifting them too. Spoil alert to my F&F.

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