New Health Care Trend for 2017 – Intimate Fitness™

//New Health Care Trend for 2017 – Intimate Fitness™

New Health Care Trend for 2017 – Intimate Fitness™

Ladies, it is time we had a spirited, frank, open and informed discussion about our ongoing intimate health and wellness and to back it up with intimate fitness™ best practices.  You may have seen articles on Health and Fitness trends for 2017, but did you notice that NONE were bold enough to site our need to finally create a paradigm shift in the perception and practice of intimate and sexual health and wellness? Well look no further. Together, we are going to create a safe harbor to shine a light on all things pelvic health, sexual wellness and below the belt, right here, every other week.  And you can be the driving force of this new critically important trend.

Just picture yourself in a friend’s cozy living room with your inner circle of women, maybe with a glass of wine in hand. Imagine fascinating (yet sometimes squirrely) and open discussions on things like libido and labia, lubrication and toy vibration, urinary tract infections and even why “I dribble when I giggle” will be fair game to explore in this safe, supportive place.

There is something I’d love to emphasize right up front. Ladies, none of us are alone in our need for reliable, solid, women’s intimate health knowledge.  For example; do you know what dyspareunia means or what PID is?  There is much to celebrate, anticipate and to learn about our complex sensual selves.

I am going to be your sexual health, pelvic and intimate wellness coach invited to your newly formed “Intimate Fitness™” club. With this exciting blog forum, we will uncover and normalize some shame-tinged issues.  You will be able to get resolution on those awkward and sometimes embarrassing questions that I will decode with research, guest experts or study-backed answers.  You will receive physician explanations on things previously difficult to learn and product recommendations that will improve your passionate lives. This is going to be your comfort zone to delve into and question women’s health, sexual health, hormones, pelvic wellness and more!

I look forward to your far-out queries and enthusiastic participation so that we can all share what we learn and create a revolution toward demystifying our miraculous, pleasure giving/receiving and life creating bodies.  The Intimate Fitness™ club is now in session!

Please email questions you have been dying to ask to info@sheintimatefitness and we will get this important ball rolling.

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