Muscle Stimulation, Biofeedback and Data Collection Technologies Strengthen Hidden Muscles

//Muscle Stimulation, Biofeedback and Data Collection Technologies Strengthen Hidden Muscles

Muscle Stimulation, Biofeedback and Data Collection Technologies Strengthen Hidden Muscles

As women, we have periods, we accept that.  As women, 1 in 3 are incontinent, we DON’T have to accept that. Great news, technology and new medical devices are making it easier not to just grin and bare it. Let’s regain control, starting now.

As if we don’t have enough body parts to firm up and keep fit right? Well Intimate Fitness™ training of our pelvic floor muscles is essential to maintain continence, avoid some pelvic pain, and pelvic organ prolapse (POP) depending on severity. All women should get those muscles in fighting shape. Let’s be honest, peeing in our pants is not a condition with which anyone is comfortable.  Studies show it leads to lack of intimacy with lovers, breaks up relationships, job loss, embarrassment, hurts social life and can lead to pain or infection.

No kettlebells required thankfully. We are reviewing the incredible strides being made in pelvic health device technology to help us all do this workout correctly. We covered Vibrance and Elvie last week. (

InControl Medical has a number of non-surgical, pain free devices using muscle stimulation, biofeedback technology or a combination, for pelvic training. They feature  voice guidance and reporting data to coach and keep track of progress, so you and your physician can do a happy dance (without leakage) as you improve and decide what’s next for your Intimate Fitness™ routine.

The ApexM (home) uses intravaginal muscle stimulation to get those muscles ship shape, hassle free.  Their website says “After 12 weeks 90% of women reported a significant improvement after using ApexM, most were dry.” Check out their comprehensive video.

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Their Intone and IntoneMV devices blend voice, biofeedback, muscle stim and active resistance. Physician consultations are part of this at home/physician administered device.  The results you can rely upon are continence, resolution of over active bladder (OAB) and some women have also increased libido, overcome sexual dysfunction and are able to self-lubricate again. These are very exciting and significant sexual health gains!

Each device is inserted into the vagina and slightly inflated for a snug fit, since we are all different down there. A 12-minute voice guided workout is recommended 6 days per week, for roughly 12 weeks for stress incontinence and 26 weeks to treat OAB, caused by spasms of the muscle that surrounds the bladder.  They are so confident in excellent results if used as directed, they offer a money back guarantee,

Have a look at InControl Medical or ask your OBGYN or Urogyn ( about it. We don’t recommend or disparage these clinically tested devices.  We hope you will run with the information gathered over this article series to make and keep your intimate and sexual lives exceptional.

Please comment or send us questions. We will do our best to get them answered for you.

Author: Nina Helms, owner and founder of SHE Intimate Fitness™ is a researcher, author and veteran of sexual health. She is working to empower women facing intimate health challenges with natural and organic skin care, illuminating education and open conversation.

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