Laser Technology Resolves and Cures Common Vaginal Pain

//Laser Technology Resolves and Cures Common Vaginal Pain

Laser Technology Resolves and Cures Common Vaginal Pain

Ladies, the good news is that even though our vaginas age just as the rest of our body does, Mona Lisa Touch is one of a few brands to have created laser tech treatments to turn back the clock.

Roughly 50% of post-menopausal women[1] and women who undergo radiation therapy, suffer from GSM or VVA (see mini glossary below) which makes for a very sensitive vagina. Common symptoms include vaginal pain, dryness and inflammation, failure to self-lubricate, dyspareunia and urinary issues. Many women keep silent, principally for emotional reasons. There are REAL solutions available, so women need not live with vaginal pain and discomfort.

Mini Glossary

Vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA) – thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls and external vulva due to the body producing less estrogen.

Genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) – includes (VVA) and other symptoms like incontinence, UTIs, burning, spotting and changes sexual function.

Dyspareunia – painful sex because dry, thin skin is receiving friction. Ouch!

Mona Lisa Touch (MTL) by Cynosure is a CO2 fractional laser treatment (cold laser) that  should only be trusted to a great Obgyn or Urogyn to administer. Lasik by a dentist?  No way. Trust your vagina to someone trained in its health whom you trust.

MLT is like a tampon inserted into the vagina and slowly drawn out while it “delivers a gentle, virtually painless energy into the vaginal wall, stimulating a healing response” according to their website. Think of it as bringing a dry sponge back to life by soaking it in water.  Physicians and MLT recommend 3 in office treatments over 18 weeks and an annual “touch-up” if necessary.

In our exploration of MLT, two women we spoke with who had inner and outer treatment said it wasn’t painful during, but felt like a yeast infection for 2-3 days post. They used VagiKool gel pads and SHE Intimate Fitness™ Natural Cleansing Foam to calm and soothe the discomfort. Both women are thrilled with the results, one saying it saved her marriage and made her feel like a woman again. WOW!

SHE Intimate Fitness™ advisory board member, Dr. Andy Croak, DO, MS. FAACOG (Urogynecologist) of NW Ohio Center for Urogynecology and Women’s Health, who administers MLT reports this success, “This technology is scientifically validated with thousands of successfully treated women around the world since 2008. In my experience it has lived up to its expectations of delivering over 90% improvement for women suffering from GSM and lichen sclerosus. Dr. Croak’s patient, AH (Toledo, OH) said, “All the irritation, dryness and pain from intercourse are now gone thanks to MLT.  Well worth every penny if you and your spouse want to stay intimate.”

We will feature more companies using this and other technologies to give you choices. We do not endorse nor disparage any companies profiled. Explore options with your physician(s) to be pain free! More scientific information on laser tech here.

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Author: Nina Helms, owner and founder of SHE Intimate Fitness™ is a researcher, author and veteran of sexual health. She is working to support women facing intimate health challenges with natural and organic skin care, thought leadership education and open conversation.

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