Cultivate Independence w/ Women’s Health Awareness

//Cultivate Independence w/ Women’s Health Awareness

Cultivate Independence w/ Women’s Health Awareness

Self-rule and self-determination are dictionary synonyms for independence. As 4th of July approaches, let’s take stock of our personal independence and how to strengthen it. As women continue to fight to firmly establish our rightful place in the world, we still find particular topics remain largely taboo – somehow our miraculous bodies inherited elements of shame relative to women’s sexual and intimate health. It is timely to push toward positive transition with conversation of holistic intimate fitness™ and independence.

At SHE Intimate Fitness™ we believe there are five components to help elevate and expand ownership of our personal independence.

  1. Physical health: When we are healthy, fit and eating well, our bodies are more resilient.  We feel stronger, more energized, vibrant and alluring. A woman’s body is wondrous, magical but delicately balanced, leaving us open to intimate health challenges. These challenges can result from child bearing, hormone shifts, stress or just having our period. Taking responsibility for optimal health through frank conversation, education, best intimate health practices and seeking support when our body speaks, is fundamental for an exciting, vibrant and innovative life.
  2. Individual Purpose: By identifying our keen sense of purpose and living it daily with conviction, we find safety, groundedness and confidence. Whether it’s building a career, following a passion, leading a family or philanthropic efforts, the empowering nature of standing strong in one’s mission, is paramount to independent health.
  3. Sexual health: Often misunderstood and always under-discussed, sexual health and wellness to female dysfunction are topics which should be as candid as the male counterpart. Let’s shift these issues into confidence building, personal celebration and empowerment to allow for increased awareness and action taking for self-care and confidence.  The medical community is working hard to support us.
  4. Spiritual Health: Practices like yoga, meditation, or journaling are all means to cultivate self-awareness and connection. A spiritual practice sensitizes us to the nuances of the body, mind and soul to efficiently and independently navigate life’s challenges and self-protect.  Self-awareness leads to greater self-love and the capacity to decide how to interact instead of react.
  5. Self-confidence: Identifying, then facing and working to change things we don’t like about ourselves can be scary and perhaps easier left tightly wound. However, insecurities are impediments that erode and block our natural state of personal independence and power. The upside of facing down our demons is freeing us up for personal evolution and reestablishing our birth right of self-love.

These days it can be difficult to know roles and imposed expectations of us. By establishing and embracing our own sense of self, we can mold our individual roles, set our own expectations and create an overwhelming feeling of empowerment and integrity. At SHE Intimate Fitness™, this is our goal for every woman – to create an environment which promotes independent health through the chemistry of self-confidence.

So what is your definition of independence? How can you pursue personal independence that empowers and flexes your muscles of integrity of individual and confidence building? Let us know in the comments below, or connect with me on twitter @sheintimatefit and

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