Biofeedback Technology Prevents, Cures & Improves Stress Urinary Incontinence

//Biofeedback Technology Prevents, Cures & Improves Stress Urinary Incontinence

Biofeedback Technology Prevents, Cures & Improves Stress Urinary Incontinence

Glamorous, sexy, confident?  Female bladder leakage has none of those star qualities, but curing it certainly has! Leakage is NOT normal, so let’s get busy obliterating it.

One route toward healing is a committed, consistent below the belt work out, like any form of strengthening exercise or PT rehab. Biofeedback and app technologies available today raise the quality of Pelvic PT practiced, so women can return to Goddess state, which is our birth right after all. In fact, for many, giving birth brought on the incontinence.  If you dribble while you giggle or always scope out the ladies lav, keep reading.

First a mini glossary:

PFMEs = Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises, aka Kegels

SUI = Stress Urinary Incontinence – laughing, sneezing, coughing or exercise leaks

OAB = Overactive Bladder – urgency that pops up without warning

Urogynecologist = Obstetrician/Gynecologist who completes additional training to care for women with complex problems related to pelvic health

So what improves with correct resistance pelvic training?  Reduction in pelvic pain, preventing, curing or improving incontinence, stronger orgasm and often a tighter vagina.  Two relatively new products, Vibrance and Elvie have harnessed biofeedback technology to create pelvic floor work out equipment and a personal trainer all in one!  They work to help do PFME’s correctly as Kegel’s done wrong can backfire or be ineffective.  The principle behind the products is progressive resistance training, education and performance guidance and feedback (audio and sensation) so you know with certainty when you are nailing the exercise or Princessing your way through it.

Happily, both Vibrance and Elvie can be used in the comfort and privacy of home.  They are made of medical grade silicone, have very different designs and have gone through rigorous safety testing. Vibrance studies show improvement with-in 4 weeks, and both say it takes 12-14 weeks to see marked improvement or continence.  Both are clinically tested, Dr. recommended and award winning!

VIBRANCE $199 1 year USB
ELVIE $199 2 year USB

Elvie user Helena Firth Powel says “The Elvie kegel trainer is incredibly easy to use and actually quite addictive. I feel stronger and more confident since I started using it three weeks ago and know that it is something I will keep doing forever.”

Dr. Wickman MD, FACOG said of Vibrance “Technological advances such as the Vibrance Pelvic Trainer represent a paradigm shift in pelvic health. With a device like Vibrance, women………can take a proactive and preventative health approach by strengthening their pelvic floor muscles, allowing them to prevent incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.”

See you next week to highlight another technology making life changing inroads into women’s health. Comments and questions welcome so we can provide you the helpful information you seek.

Author: Nina Helms, owner and founder of SHE Intimate Fitness™ – empowering women facing intimate health challenges with natural and organic skin care and illuminating education.

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