7 Tips to Finding Balance Between Hyper Cleansing & Inferior Intimate Hygiene

//7 Tips to Finding Balance Between Hyper Cleansing & Inferior Intimate Hygiene

7 Tips to Finding Balance Between Hyper Cleansing & Inferior Intimate Hygiene

Have you ever had an insecure vagina moment?  Perhaps during your period, in down dog on a hot humid day or pre-sex with a fantastic lover?  We have all been there.  Some of us overdo its cleaning, others insufficiently primp their privates and still others were never taught the right way.  Let’s get the proper skinny on it.

  1. Clean between the folds – the truth of the matter is, our lovely labial lips can trap things like toilet paper, vaginal discharge and bacteria. Many American women are uncomfortable touching their vulva, which can lead to insufficient intimate hygiene. Fixed shower heads inhibit good external flushing, so we do need to rummage around down there to gently, purposefully and effectively wash between the folds. Touching is good!
  2. East to West – when using the ladies lounge, always wipe front to back. If you go #2, reach around back to clean up. Wiping back to front can introduce fecal bacteria into the vagina leading to infection. Ouch!
  3. Excellent Cleanser – many Ob-Gyn’s recommend only washing with water. Some of us however, feel more confident using a cleanser. We recommend using a high quality, pH correct product like Natural Cleansing Foam by SHE Intimate Fitness™ that is designed specifically for that skin. Low quality soaps are often the wrong pH and contain irritating ingredients to sensitive skin.
  4. Vaginal wipes – a daily ablution is recommended, but if not, cat wash with a pH balanced vaginal wipe to keep fresh and free of debris.
  5. No scrubbing – vulvar skin is delicate and can tear. You wouldn’t loofa the inside of your cheeks, so don’t do it down there.
  6. Frequency – Washing with a good intimate cleanser (free of SLS, perfume, additives) once per day and then rinsing with just water 1 or 2 more times per day, if desired, is just fine. Many Middle-Eastern countries provide hoses in restrooms to wash off and those passionate French created the bidet for a quick refresh.
  7. Say no to douches – you have heard me say our vaginas are naturally self-cleansing. Unless Dr. recommended, steer clear of douches, they can disrupt your natural vaginal environment.

Gynecologists we have interviewed say Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is the most common vaginal issue they treat. BV can be asymptomatic or reveal itself with painful vaginal itching, inflammation and a foul discharge. They report bad hygiene habits is often the culprit.

We asked Dr. Michael Krychman, world renowned doctor of sexual medicine, board certified obstetrician and gynecologist, clinical sexual counselor and author, his thoughts on women’s intimate hygiene. He remarked “poor intimate hygiene can lead to increased vaginal infections, troublesome odors and even skin disorders of the delicate vulvar tissues like rashes and skin lesions-irritation and redness”. On the flip side, “overdoing it with inferior products can lead to changes in pH, increased infections and vaginal and vulvar symptoms”.  That spells discomfort and vaginal pain!

Maintain happy genitals by giving them tender loving cleansing care that is neither overboard nor neglectful.

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