4 Situations its Smart to Keep Feminine Hygiene Wipes Handy

//4 Situations its Smart to Keep Feminine Hygiene Wipes Handy

4 Situations its Smart to Keep Feminine Hygiene Wipes Handy

How fantastic for us women that the vagina is self-cleansing, which is largely what our daily vaginal discharge is all about. Since we have this exceptional built-in cleansing mechanism, “flushing” or inserting anything inside the vagina to clean it is totally unnecessary.  Doing this can upset the natural “flora and fauna” of the delicately balanced vaginal rain forest and lead to irritation, inflammation and possibly infection (yeast or bacterial vaginosis).

Externally however (the vulva area), without discharge to do the clean-up. there are times when we need some serious cleansing help beyond rinsing with water.

  1. Hello Flow – during our period it’s comforting to have some pH correct, high quality intimate hygiene wipes handy. Let’s face it, our overall body odor is more intense during the menstrual cycle and sometimes tampons leak and pads get messy.  AfterGlow intimate tissues are a favorite for both odor control, gentle on sensitive skin and are large and strong.
  2. Before Sex –When getting physical with a partner, we feel more confident and relaxed if we are clean. Yes, intimate odor concern may just largely be in our heads, but if it is in our head, it is real. If a shower time-out will kill the romance, a designed for the vagina wipe can do the confidence trick.  NOTE: if you do have an odor and or “off“ discharge, that is your body telling you to seek medical attention.  So go get checked out and don’t self-diagnose.
  3. After Sex – The aftermath of sex is messy and no one likes to be the one getting up to grab the washcloth, towel, or God forbid the cast-off t-shirt on the floor. Keeping wet wipes like Dude wipes bedside is convenient, efficient and helps avoid the dreaded wet spot. Some women are sensitive to the alkaline pH of semen, so quickly cleaning up externally can help with that sensitivity.
  4. Sticky Lube – A high quality sexual lubrication is fantastic and highly recommended to enhance pleasure, add slip when self-lubrication is lacking and helps us to avoid soreness and even tearing. But it can be a struggle to get off our skin.  Baby wipes don’t tend to work here, consult your local adult novelty shop for advice when purchasing that lube. (Uberlube is our favorite!)

Tune in in a week to learn other prime times to be armed with pre-moistened wipes to keep fresh, clean and confident!

Let us know what you think or when you use wipes wisely.

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