4 More Ways Intimate Wipes are a Life Saver

//4 More Ways Intimate Wipes are a Life Saver

4 More Ways Intimate Wipes are a Life Saver

Wet wipes, pre-moistened tissues, baby wipes or intimate wipes can be a women’s or man’ best friend. And here are four more reasons why.

  1. Travel time– When running water is scarce like on a long haul flight or camping, baby wipes are terrific. It is a great way to thoroughly clean hands and face or below the belt front and back to remain confident and clean until you can hit the showers again.

  2. Post exercise/workout – Just love a cat wash to freshen up if time is crunched after a work-out/yoga class. Spot cleansing helps with undesirable extra moisture and sweat bacteria down below and will help with full body BO. Change out of those sweaty clothes as soon as possible to avoid yeast infections and butt or back acne.
  3. No racing stripes – Sometimes dry toilet paper is just not enough. If we are experiencing loose stool/diarrhea that is irritating or constipation that may aggravate hemorrhoids something comforting and healing is totally desirable! Intimate hygiene wipes, like TUCS are a good call for soothing and cleaning the posterior so healing can occur.
  4. Hot, humid days – It’s soothing, refreshing and comforting to give a little genital area swipe on a hot day, especially if you can’t have a wardrobe change before meeting up with friends or a date for happy hour. http://www.teenvogue.com/story/how-to-avoid-yeast-infection-summer

Choose pre-moistened wipes depending on your skin sensitivity, desired strength and size of wipe and quality of ingredients.  PS. there is really no such thing as a flushable wipe, so toss all of them in the bin regardless of the label.

We would love to hear how you employ wipes to maintain your Intimate Fitness™. Let us know below.

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