SHE - Intimate Fitness™ Skin Care System -

$ 35.00

SHE Intimate Fitness™ Skin Care System is the first pH balanced skin care line designed for the specific needs of women's intimate health and overall skin wellbeing. Intimate Fitness™ goes way beyond intimate hygiene to balance, soothe, restore and deeply moisturize skin that can be stressed from labor and delivery, pH imbalance, excessive or incorrect hygiene, sex friction, sports or medication. SHE is a life style brand that is the missing link to superior self-confidence, comfort and supportive self-care. 

Each Intimate Fitness™ kit contains: 

    AfterGlow    Cleansing Tissues for Intimate Fitness™ 20 count multipack
    AfterIt  Natural Cleaning foam for Intimate Fitness™ 2.0 fluid oz. 
    AfterTrace  Natural Scent Neutralizer 1.7 fluid oz.
    AfterShave   Natural After Grooming Therapy 1.7 fluid oz.

    You will immediately experience improvement in your skin quality as you treat it with our organic, natural botanical and proven science formulas that provide superior support and protection of intimate and all over the body skin. Intimate Fitness works with the body's natural chemistry to comfort, calm, restore and rebalance so skin is protected, moisturized and fortified.

    pH balanced SHE Intimate Fitness™ products are free of parabens, alcohol, perfume, glycerine or dyes. And contains nothing but high quality, curated ingredients. 

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