Frustrated Football Widow or Self-Explorer this Fall/Winter 2017?

//Frustrated Football Widow or Self-Explorer this Fall/Winter 2017?

Frustrated Football Widow or Self-Explorer this Fall/Winter 2017?

Instead of getting frustrated with your partner who is glued to the TV, eating junk food with a painted face and yelling expletives at the umpire, let’s put a positive spin on those Sundays and weekday football game nights. It is a prime-time opportunity to expand your individuality, pursue your own interests and to self-care.

The best move according to male relationship experts like David Wygant and Matthew Hussey, is to not create resentment by trying to convince your football fan to skip the game and go to brunch or a museum with you instead. Either join him in front of the boob tube, or go off and do your own thing with joy and enthusiasm.  After all, you have a built-in baby-sitter parked on the couch.

Explore these truly beneficial and self-growth infused options:

  1. Pursue a fitness goal – take golf or tennis lessons or organize fun bowling nights. Go for beautiful Fall hikes in different locations with friends to see the turning leaves, or walk along the beach.  Exercise is highly recommended for just about anything that ails us, mind, body and soul.
  2. Take yoga classes – many studios offer extended length classes on Sundays and certainly weekday evening classes. Commit to a yoga practice for the season and watch how it transforms your life. Yoga will help you with flexibility of mind and body, will help you better manage stress, improve balance and bone health and make you more body aware……..the list of benefits is endless!
  3. Tap your creativity – always wanted to learn to throw pots, blow glass or become a better chef? Now’s your chance! We all have creativity with in us. Flexing that creative muscle will lead to increases in happiness and wellbeing. Studies show being artistic or creative helps lower stress, improves resilience, lowers depression and helps improve self-esteem.
  4. Learn meditation – many cities and towns have mindfulness, meditation or spiritual centers that offer meditation and other soulful/spiritual practices. Meditation can be intimidating and tough to start, no doubt. That is why starting with a coach, teacher or app like headspace can help ease you into it and remove any struggle  Deepak Chopra and Oprah have excellent 21 day meditation downloads. There is tons upside to a meditation practice including, self-awareness, stress reduction, being present and less negative self-talk etc.

So, if you are not psyched about Tampa Bay vs. the Vikings or Army vs. Navy, find an activity that uplifts, is self-serving and stimulates multiple aspects of your exceptional being. It is far superior to being annoyed and begrudging America’s favorite pass time. Let us know how you tackle football season if not a fan.


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