3 ways a new lover can affect your intimate health. October 01 2015

Don’t you just love the first kiss, stimulating caresses and that heady exhilaration of a blossoming romance with a new lover? Adrenalin, dopamine and serotonin flood our systems making us feel energized, creating butterflies and even blinding us. But ladies, it is critical we be smart about it too as our intimate health can be at risk. We are solely responsible for our intimate fitness™ and being aware of easily avoidable, uncomfortable, unhealthy mistakes empowers us.

  1. Unless you have each been given a clean bill of health by your physician from a battery of STD tests (including herpes) condom use is a must. We have all had AIDS education, so just consider this your best friend whispering a safety message in your ear. There are great condoms on the market these days, and advice on how to measure for a good fit, so please don’t let your new man talk you out of his wearing one - you may seriously regret it, literally for the rest of your life. www.luckybloke.com.

  2. We each have different body chemistry and metabolism. A healthy, happy vagina has an acidic pH in the 4 range - semen interestingly is pH 7-8. Strange but true, we can be allergic or sensitive to our new lovers body fluids. So if semen irritates or causes yeast infections, consider using a condom and quickly rinsing with a pH balanced intimate wash like AfterIt after sex. 

  3. Sex and pleasurable friction go hand in hand. Fortunately women self-lubricate to enhance the delight and reduce friction. If we don’t produce enough slick, which is often the case, it is a good idea to invest in a high quality lubrication (more on that later in the month) like Uberlube. Dry sex hurts, leads to soreness and micro-tearing that diminishes our intimate health and fitness and leaves us vulnerable to pathogens. www.uberlube.com