SHE Intimate Fitness™ is the first pH correct line of skin care products designed specifically for women's superior intimate health & wellness!


SHE Intimate Fitness™ works with the body's natural chemistry to calm, protect, restore & re-balance our most sensitive & delicately balanced selves.  Holistically formulated - nourishing organic & natural pH balanced ingredients are partnered with proven science to protect & accelerate the repair of women's sensitive skin. Stand out from the crowd with enhanced confidence, comfort & allure with SHE Intimate Fitness™ skin care system for superior Intimate Fitness™


Feel restored, clean & confident.

Experience authentic freshness.

Soothe your way back to polished, glowing skin.

Cleanse skin & toys before / after sex.

  • Experience a restorative, moisturized, soothing clean
  • pH balanced rich foam comforts, conditions & protects tender skin
  • Provides defense against discomfort & irritation
  • Antioxidants Vitamin & Calendula pacify inflammation
  • Beneficial for intimate & full body use
  • Gain confidence with authentic freshness, not masking perfume
  • Organic Aloe soothes inflammation & promotes repair
  • Works with the body's natural defenses for skin fitness
  • 7 natural botanicals offers powerful anti-irritation benefits
  • Light, pH balanced mist protects & enhances skin quality
  • Feel flawless & pampered post hair removal
  • Treats & moisturizes skin irritated by hair removal
  • Gentle exfoliant diminishes ingrowns & bumps
  • Argan oil softens, soothes & deeply hydrates skin
  • Soothing mist allows for no touch, extra clean application
  • Conveniently cleans to maintain Intimate Fitness™
  • Easily swipes away vaginal discharge & odor
  • Comforts, soothes & refreshes skin
  • Scented with Bergamot, a natural detoxifier & deodorant 
  • Provides a lint & residue free, pH correct clean
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